Wasp sting what to put to relieve pain

Wasp sting, what to put to relieve pain

Wasp stings can occur when you are outdoors eating, sunbathing or exercising. The wasp is a rather aggressive insect (more than bees) and once it has stung, it may not stop.

When you have multiple repeated stings, obviously, in addition to the pain, you could also experience a more serious allergic reaction.

After the puncture

In any case, after the sting, there are obvious symptoms from the minutes following the sting such as redness, pain, itching and swelling in the area where you were stung.

These symptoms, if you are not allergic, disappear in a short time (even half an hour) but otherwise other problems could appear at the level of breathing, nausea, dizziness and swelling in other areas of the body, and it will be essential Rescue.

If the puncture causes only mild symptoms, however, it is good to move to a safe area, avoid the continuous rubbing of the skin and do the following:

  • Wash the area with soap and water and disinfect the skin
  • Use cold or ice water to pass on the painful area to relieve pain
  • resort to special sticks after puncture to reduce burning, pain and itching
  • Use phytotherapy remedies such as aloe vera in gel or calendula.

Another precaution concerns the stinger: it is very rare that the wasps leave it stuck in the skin of the unfortunate but you can control the thing in a simple way.

The stinger is there if a black dot is visible in the center of the point where you were points, in particular on the swollen and blushed point.

To extract the sting, dab the area with ice (type anesthesia), and use a tweezer or needle to extract it.

Finally, be careful not to let the poison inside the sting itself escape.