For Christmas give the gift of myID, the life-saving bracelet

For Christmas give the gift of mioID, the life-saving bracelet

MioID by Helpcodelife can save your life and the lives of those you love with ease. Mio ID is a device that, through a QR code placed on a bracelet, in case of need speaks for you by connecting in seconds to a digital repository containing all useful data to facilitate rescue. Each wristband comes with a unique QR code, generated one different from the other to give each person their own personal profile.

The Mio ID by HelpCodeLife bracelet was not born by chance but out of a desire to give everyone the opportunity to secure useful personal information and to protect those who are unable to speak or give their data on their own. A bracelet that speaks for us!

MioID by Helpcodelife is super easy to use, activates in 3 minutes (just scan the QR code to register), and language barriers are not an issue! Thanks to its innovative recognition method, the system identifies the language set in the smartphone of the person scanning and immediately translates all content into that language making the device practical and effective worldwide ((52 languages available). Thanks to its software, it is possible to keep not only one’s health profile (blood type, allergies, current medical therapies, medical certificates, exams and medical records) but also documents such as ID card, driver’s license and passport.

An innovative Christmas gift for travelers, athletes, children and the elderly, useful for everyone.

When an idea is good, it certainly does not go unnoticed and MioID by Helpcodelife has won the prestigious award Innovation&Research Award 2016 by Cosmofarma for the category Medical Device.

A gift for you and your family The bracelet MioID by Helpcodelife, waterproof and guaranteed for life, it is available in numerous color and material variants (silicone, rubber, ecological leather, cotton and microfiber) so that everyone can find the ideal one. Of course, you can choose from versions for men and women, stylish, trendy or sporty. Children’s models are lighter and easier to wear while our furry friends in case of loss will always be traceable to the owner and when traveling the veterinarian will be able to know in a few minutes the health status of the animal

MioID by HelpCodelife complies with all current privacy regulations.