Venice San Camillo hospital inaugurated there innovative station for tele-rehabilitation

Venice, San Camillo hospital, inauguration of the innovative tele-rehabilitation station

Intended for patients suffering from neurological diseases, the structure built with the support of private donors together with the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation, to whom it was dedicated, is an exemplary case at international level, which will allow integrated treatment at home.

Applause for the new structure of San Camillo and for the initiative by the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, and by the President of the Region Luca Zaia

Important novelty for the care and support of patients with neurological diseases and their families at the San Camillo Iccs Hospital Foundation, at the Lido of Venice, where it was inaugurated today, 19 October 2016, thanks to the support of the Giancarlo Ligabue and individuals Foundation Foundation Donors sensitized by the same, a new location equipped for teleriability: a significant and highly qualified service, which represents an exemplary unicum and case at national and international level.

The San Camillo Hospital Foundation – among the 50 structures in Italy recognized by the Ministry as an institutes of hospitalization and care of a scientific nature, or excellence hospitals, which carry out both research and research activities – specializes in motor neurory, communication and communication and the behavior.
Among the various lines of research activated, one is specifically dedicated to teleriability and, in this area, the long experience of San Camillo and the quality of the investigations are well known in the international scientific community, not surprisingly, the centers are based at this institution Coordinators of the “Special Interest Group on Telerehabilitation of the Word Federation on Neurological Rehabilitation (WFNR) and the special section of robotics, advanced technologies and televiding of the Italian Neurological Rehabilitation Society (Sirn).

The Institute has 115 beds, where patients with the outcomes of stroke, brain and spinal cord trauma and other encephalopathies or carriers of chronic neurological pathologies, such as m. of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Pathologies that represent a serious social and welfare problem and involve a large number of patients: just think that neurological diseases are the main cause of disability in the western world, more than oncological or cardiological ones.

Teleriagence is an important response: a “remote medicine” possible thanks to new communication technologies. It allows you to reach the patient at home, providing integrated home treatment, paid by specialized operators who remain in the hospital: a complete rehabilitation treatment of the same quality and intensity as that offered in the hospital by reducing the times related to travel, both patients and patients of the operators, and by optimizing treatment times.

The system used at IRCCS San Camillo – who has been studying telerehabilitation for years, also in collaboration with national and international research centers such as MIT in Boston and also distance, motor, speech therapy and cognitive.

“I sincerely thank the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation for the new equipped station that we wanted to name after Giancarlo Ligabue”, said Francesco Pietrobon, Director General of the San Camillo IRCCS Hospital Foundation. “I hope it will become an opportunity to make telerehabilitation better known, a Venetian excellence in the Italian rehabilitation scene”.

“Excellence must also be sought in the methods and techniques with which disease management is tackled and in the services with which families and patients are helped to live with these problems, with dignity and safety – commented Inti Ligabue, President of the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation – this structure is an important moment in a research path on tele-rehabilitation, which places our city, not easy to live and manage, at the top in this field”.

“There are some things that are done with the heart and others with the head. This intervention – concluded Ligabue – He was born from both these thrusts: the memory of his dad and the personal path of him in the disease and the belief that public health and scientific research are two fundamental pillars of our society, for its development and future; A commitment that the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation is clear and that he intends to carry on “.

Applause for the new structure of San Camillo and the initiative of great social value came from the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, through the councilor for social cohesion Simone Venturini present at the inauguration, and by the president of the region Luca Zaia who, in one Letter sent, also recalled that “physiotherapy is one of the cornerstones of the fundamental post -acute rehabilitation, which has taken on a very particular relief in the programming of the regional social health plan”.