Rome Tiberia Hospital’s Breast Center with LILT boosts the culture of prevention

Rome, Tiberia Hospital’s Breast Center with LILT boosts culture of prevention

“It is estimated that since the beginning of the pandemic, oncology screenings have decreased by 35 percent-a figure that will inevitably affect the incidence of cancer.” comments the Dr.ssa Valeria Giannotta, CEO Tiberia Hospital, Multi-specialty hospital accredited with the National Health Service, which opened in December 2020 the Breast Center, a multispecialty center To support patients in a pathway of prevention, care and treatment of breast neoplasia.

To enhance support for the female population

To enhance support for the female population, Tiberia Hospital supports the LILT, Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori. The collaboration includes the presence, throughout 2021, of a LILT desk inside the Roman hospital of GVM Care & Research, dedicated to patients with breast cancer pathology already diagnosed or who have risk factors and need in-depth investigations and specialist visits.

“We decided to embrace the LILT project to expand the services and facilities dedicated to oncology patients in the field of breast cancer and broaden the continuity of care pathway for LILT patients as well– continues dr.ssa Giannotta -. The collaboration with LILT demonstrates the validity of our Breast Center’s approach, which aims for early diagnosis and a treatment pathway that puts the patient at the center. From January to the present, thanks to prevention activities and spontaneous examinations, we have been able to diagnose 79 first cases. It is well known that early diagnosis allows for more conservative and therefore less aggressive surgical approaches for women, with less impact both physically and psychologically.”.

According to the agreement with LILT

According to the agreement with LILT, Tiberia Hospital provides patients with a Diagnostic Imaging Service Able to perform examinations such as Rx-mammography, ETG-mammary, MRI and CT scan (with and without contrast medium).

In addition, the facility gives the possibility to perform multidisciplinary specialist examinations at its outpatient clinics or at the LILT Rome office, where the same GVM doctors will carry out specialist examinations and tests requested by LILT patients.

The doctors will also carry out consultancy at the LILT Rome office as part of the prevention campaigns promoted by the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors.