Emergency rooms change for colors for patients switch to numbers

Emergency rooms, change for colors for patients: switch to numbers

As anticipated by Adnkronos’agency Adnkronos are about to change the way emergency rooms are accessed with a radical change for the management of patients arriving at the hospitals. Soon all regions will receive a document explaining the new regulations to be adopted.

Goodbye to colors in the emergency room

The Ministry of Health has therefore determined that code colors as is the case now, white, blue, green, yellow and red will be abolished in favor of an identification scale that will range from 1 to 5 and will be determined according to the severity of the case. For patients, of course, little or nothing will change except for the’habit toward colors that have been a signal about the severity of the case for many years.

There will be two steps in the change, the first involves adopting the numbers only as an operational code leaving the colors on the user side and then in the second phase changing for patients arriving in the ER as well.