Condoms can affect a couple’s happiness

Condoms: They can affect a couple’s happiness?

Married life experiences many moments of ups and downs, the secret to making cohabitation long and satisfying is obviously love: the main ingredient for the recipe for a happy life as a couple. But young love, just born, or mature changes over time and serenity and happiness must be sought in the fluidity of everyday life and, after all, also in a series of small rituals of continuous and renewed courtship, including above all the activity e sexual intimacy.

Regardless of the duration of the relationship, by the will or not to procreate, by the pleasure or discomfort that is felt in some circumstances, the use of condoms also in consolidated relationships must be of help to the couple, both when you want to try new experiences and games sexual that when maximum protection is required of his partner or partner at certain moments of life.

It should not be forgotten that condoms are necessary for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases or even passing infections, to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and that, when necessary, they must be used for the good of the loved one, for themselves and for the happiness of the couple.

Learn to use the right “ingredients” for a happy couple life

The recipe for happiness, by far, does not exist. But it can be sought with what we already know how to do and donate.

It is important that in a couple each cultivates their own spaces and interests and that it is given the way to do it, but at the same time share interests or having common interests or trying curiosity for mutual interests is the first beautiful step towards sharing and being together. There will always be bulky habits or “hobbies” that disturb, but the positive approach towards sharing the passion for something is an excellent strategy and a precious ally to allow the couple to feel close and mutually involved.

The same goes for the game. It is important in the couple that there are playful aspects, of fun, leisure. Even the simple dialogue together with spirit jokes and a healthy irony makes life lighter and more carefree. In the same way, playing with sexuality, telling each other about one’s desires, fantasies, laughing about them or “experimenting” with them strengthens and solidifies the relationship.

A relationship must be treated like a plant and the water that feeds the sap of love is made of kisses, caresses and hugs Both as a demonstration of affection and closeness and sharing in the difficult moments of the life of each, professional or familiar.

One of the ingredients of the happy couple is, however, the ability to keep well your personality distinct, grant yourself to yourself to take care of yourself, your psychic and physical well -being to offer the best of itself to the other. Therefore, possessive attitudes and the intrusive are the enemies to avoid.

Dialogue and constructive dispute

The other in the couple cannot always know or guess everything that passes through the mind. It is important to communicate needs and expectations and in the same way listening to the needs of the other. And if the quarrels are not lacking, the important thing is not to make them degenerate and take on a constructive attitude: to let the other end to express their thoughts, recognize one’s anger and outline or postpone the discussion when you are more lucid and rational to face it , do not always attribute the faults to the other, find together a conciliation and a way out, have a common or shared planning.