Pomezia – Municipal Pharmacies and the Italian Red Cross together against Diabetes

Pomezia – Municipal pharmacies and the Italian Red Cross together against diabetes

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the Municipality of Pomezia and Pomezia Servizi spa support the Local Committee of the Italian Red Cross which is organizing a day on November 7th dedicated to raising awareness and informing public opinion about diabetes, its prevention and management.

Distactive-didactic posters will be made available, illustrating the issue of the spread of diabetic disease, the aspects relating to its growing and dangerous diffusion at national level, the importance of its early diagnosis, the correct lifestyles and food styles useful for an adequate adequate Prevention of pathology.

The Volunteers of the Red Cross will be present on November 7 in Pomezia at the Municipal Pharmacy in via Varrone 17 from 08.30 at 13.00 and in Campo Ascolano – Torvaianica at the municipal pharmacy of Lungomare delle Sirene 406 from 08.30 at 13.00.

During the day, citizens will be administered a questionnaire and, if necessary, pressure, blood sugar, weight and body mass will be monitored. Together with the volunteers of the Red Cross, nurses and nutritionists will also be present at the municipal pharmacy of Pomezia, ready to provide advice and useful information for a correct lifestyle for the prevention of the disease.

“Prevention is important – declares the Mayor of Pomezia Fabio Fucci – the Municipality of Pomezia strongly supports the activities of the Local Committee of the Red Cross which aim at information and awareness among citizens, with the aim of creating a culture of well-being and a healthy lifestyle”.

Three million adult Italians have diabetes and the cost for each citizen who suffers from it is on average 2.600 euros per year, more than double that of citizens of the same age and sex, but without diabetes.

Screening for diabetes and pre-diabetes is recommended for all citizens over the age of 40. Early intervention produces significant savings in long-term healthcare costs as well as lifetime well-being.