San Giovanni Addolorata serological tests for citizens are underway

San Giovanni Addolorata, serological tests for citizens are underway

In compliance with the determination of the Lazio Region n. G05621 of 12.05.2020, from May 28th citizens will be able to perform serological tests to detect positivity to anti-covid 19 antibodies at the withdrawal center of the San Giovanni Addolorata hospital.

These are the methods of access for citizens to San Giovanni Addolorata

Booking – Citizens must have a white recipe issued by the general practitioner or other doctor and book the performance by calling the regional recup 06.9939

Payment – The test is carried out in a private regime at the regional rate of 15.23 euros with relative payment exclusively online via Pago -pa or Sisal counters before the service

Where – The exam is performed at the withdrawal center, body “L”, Santa Maria garrison – via San Giovanni in Laterano 155

Report report – The withdrawal of the report, available in 24h from the test execution, is provided only online (Lazio Escape: https: // through the release of credentials at the time of the execution of the withdrawal.

In case of positivity of the serological test it is strongly recommended to undergo the molecular test via naso-fooling swab. To perform the test, simply have prescription of your general practitioner on a dematerialized recipe, and with tax code and test report go to the Drive-in located in via Santo Stefano Rotondo 5/A to perform the buffer. The access to the Drive-in is directed without booking and the location is active from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00.

The execution of the serological tests extends with the aim of providing a useful mapping to a timely evaluation and on a large scale of the circulation of the virus, particularly in asymptomatic subjects. Access to Sieoprevalenza investigations, strongly desired by the Lazio Region, together with the creation of Drive-in buffer stations represent fundamental tools for the prevention and safety of citizens also in this phase of coexistence with the virus.