How many steps to take a day to stay fit

How many steps to take a day to stay fit?

In the common imagination, for some years, The belief has spread that to stay in shape you have to make at least 10.000 steps per day. The certain thing is that physical activity at the same time is good for the tax and mind. This has also been avoided by many wearable devices (such as bracelets or watches) but also smartphones that have this threshold as a minimum goal of steps to be played per day.

But how many steps to take?

But, do 10.000 steps a day has no scientific foundation: in the 1960s during a Japanese advertising campaign, this number was indicated as an objective for each person to be in shape but nothing more, since it is a purely indicative number.

In fact, 10.000 steps is excessive for people suffering from some chronic pathologies or type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, The number of steps to stay in shape must be reviewed: this was done in a recent study in which it was estimated that the average steps to be supported per day to draw more beneficial are about 6000 (at the plus 7500).

These numbers are in fact purely indicative

These numbers are in fact purely indicative since everyone will evaluate from himself how many steps he is able to carry out (based on his own state of health, his commitments, his desire).

What is certain is that walking (not only fast walk but also a simple walk) has really many advantages for our health since It is good for the body but also to mood and helps fight obesity. Therefore, establishing a number of steps to take per day can be useful more than anything else for yourself to have a goal, a goal to be achieved and actually reach it.

Or to challenge yourself to do better, gradually, and based on your physical situation. Just as it can be useful to establish an amount of time to dedicate to walking, for example 30 minutes a day, an hour and so on.