Vanvitelli Polyclinic becoming a mother at the time of Covid

Vanvitelli Polyclinic, Gynecology and Obstetrics, becoming a mother at the time of Covid

It is a very difficult moment for everyone, perhaps even more so for those who are pregnant and add to personal concerns those, much stronger, towards the child in her womb.

The questions at the Vanvitelli Polyclinic

I will try to reassure you by answering some of the questions you might ask yourself.

If I become positive for the virus, the child will suffer, as I can give birth, I will be able to breastfeed?

The current knowledge, still few, because few cases in the world of positive Covid women who gave birth, tell us that:

-The severity of maternal symptoms does not worsen for pregnancy

-There is no vertical transmission of the virus, that is, it means that the virus does not cross the placenta and the newborn can only be infected after birth, if adequate precautions are not taken

The woman can give birth spontaneously and can breastfeed, as the virus is not transmitted through milk

The outpatient activities are closed? I run the risk of being followed with less attention?

The Campania Region specified that even in this phase of extreme closure of all outpatient activities, hospital companies must continue to offer the services provided for in the birth path.

For this reason, a clinical clinic of obstetrics, to which all the pregnant who wants him can be opened at the UOC directed every day and functioning.

An obstetric ultrasound clinic is also open in which the ultrasound investigations necessary for full control of pregnancy (NT, morphological echo, doppler flush of the third quarter) can be performed in the right times)

Finally, it is possible, always by internal reservation, to perform the cardiocographic tracks starting from the thirty -ninth week.

Birth accompanying courses are suspended?

We have prepared the continuation of the accompanying courses at birth, even if in online mode, to continue to offer all the useful information, or rather, necessary, to live in complete tranquility the Travaglio-Peto event, without transgressing the regional directives on the prohibition of meetings.

Every Wednesday a “virtual” meeting conducted by an obstetrician is scheduled, composed of a first part of thematic deepening and a second MDI movement and/or breathing tips .

If I come to the polyclinic I risk getting sick?

The outpatient activity was organized in compliance with the strictest safety criteria. Women are booked every 30 minutes from 9 am for a total of 6 services per day. They must enter alone, not accompanied by any family members and access the facility at the scheduled time, equipped with a mask. All health workers wear protective equipment.

The woman accesses the outpatient clinics only after having carried out specific triage in a dedicated area, other than the outpatient one, which has excluded that she is at risk of COVID infection.