Deleterious traffic noise for the risk infarction discovered the relationship in a Swiss study

Deleterious traffic noise for the risk of heart attack: the relationship in a Swiss study discovered

The noise of traffic would increase the risk of cardiovascular and diabetes diseases, according to the results of a study presented on Tuesday in Zurich on the occasion of a congress on the topic. It emerges, among other things, that the probability of dying of a heart attack increases by 4% every 10 more decibels. Particularly critical is the nocturnal frastuon, which alters the quality of rest, but also emissions lower than the levels currently considered acceptable can have negative repercussions on health. There are two mechanisms that determine the correlation: on the one hand the chronic secretion of stress hormones, which influence insulin metabolism, and, on the other, the effects caused by sleep disorders. For research purposes, one of the few so far conducted on the matter, 2 ’ have been kept under observation; 600 people exposed to different tenors of Baccano.

One more reason for Giovanni d ’ Agata, president of the "Rights Desk", to fight the noise at an institutional level for the effects on our health and therefore on our welfare that now appear scientifically tried.