Rome free dermatological visits for those suffering from painful cysts

Rome, free dermatological visits for those suffering from painful cysts

Thursday 17 May in Rome the new stage of the national information and awareness campaign
on hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), denominated “What name do you give your cysts?”, which foresees visits
free dermatologicals by reservation.

“What name do you give your cysts?” involves 30 hospitals and universities throughout the
national territory where dermatologist specialists will be available to help those suffering from HS
to start a course of treatment at hospital-university centers that have an outpatient clinic dedicated to a pathology that is still unknown today and difficult to diagnose.

Thursday 17 May in Rome

In fact, the HS manifests itself with the formation of cysts, nodules, abscesses and painful injuries in the inguinal areas,
axillary, perianal, of the buttocks and under the breast and, less frequently, on the scalp, neck,
back, face and abdomen. The clinical picture is not always easy to recognize and can simulate
Municipalities "sebaceous cysts" or to be exchanged for other pathologies (acne, folliculitis). Hydrosadenitis
suppurative is an unknown pathology, very painful and difficult to diagnose. Right there
difficulty of diagnosis sometimes causes the worsening of patients.

Thursday 17 May at the ACNE clinic and suppurative hydrosadenitis (Dr.SSA
Daniela Bianchini) – Dermatological Clinic (Director Prof. Stefano Calvieri) – Polyclinic Umberto I di
Rome (Viale del Policlinico 155 –Ground floor) those suffering from HS will be able to take advantage of one free visit,
from 15 to 19, upon reservation.

To book, call the number 392 8077216 from Monday to Friday
give her 9.00 to 17.00.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a complex multifactorial pathology, characterized by nature
chronic-relapsing inflammatory pathological process, which negatively affects the quality of
life of affected patients.

Based on the need for an often complex clinical-therapeutic approach, at the Polyclinic
Umberto I of Rome there is a specific clinic for this pathology, which can be accessed after
general dermatological visit performed by an internal or territorial specialist, in order to frame the
patient and to prescribe the most appropriate therapy.

“What name do you give your cysts?” is sponsored by Inverse Onlus, The Italian Association for affected patients
of suppurative hydrosadenitis (hs) born to make up for the needs and difficulties of the sick linked to the
Management of a disabling chronic pathology. The Association, founded in 2010 by Giusi Pintori,
Proactively supports every single patient, providing information and support, with the aim of
help people live better.

The campaign “What a name give your cysts?"It is made thanks to the unconditional contribution of Abbvie.