Perfect pedicure better DIY or professional care

Perfect pedicure: better DIY or professional care

To have beautiful and healthy feet to show off during warm weather or at the beach, it’s good to get a pedicure. Aesthetic pedicure can be performed in a beauty salon or on your own as you will first need to soften your feet in warm water with a foot bath, remove cuticles, trim nails and remove nail polish with a solvent.

Finally, give a scrub and massage a moisturizer or oil and apply a new nail polish.

The healing pedicure

More complicated is the curative pedicure, which, on the other hand, is good to do at an aesthetic center since, in addition to the cosmetic pedicure, the professional beautician will go to remove corns, calluses and treat ingrown toenails.

Should these issues be more serious (for example, ingrown nails are inflamed or there is fungus), the beautician will not be able to intervene and the client will have to go to a podiatrist.

So, as far as cosmetic pedicure is concerned, the procedure is quite simple and you can even do it yourself (but if you are not sure, it is better to go to a beauty salon).

We will just need to equip ourselves with the right products to carry it out in the best possible way:

  • footbath tub;
  • nail clippers;
  • nail polish remover;
  • scrub;
  • moisturizing oil or cream;
  • new enamel to be applied.

In addition, heels can be treated with pumice stone to remove dead cells and make them smooth again. One of the most complex parts of this process might be the nail cutting step.

One could, in fact, make mistakes in cutting them (e.g., cut the corners too much and this could lead to ingrown toenails).

This is precisely why, if you are not sure that you are proceeding in the best way, you should go to a beauty center. Regarding curative pedicure, however, it will be best to perform it at a beauty salon to avoid making mistakes on your own.

Even, for some more serious issues, it will be better to see a doctor.